BID Services

The following services are provided to members of the Langthwaite Business Association (LBA) as part of the BID (Business Improvement District) and are outlined in the Business Plan:


For the safety and security of the businesses located on Langthwaite Business Park, the LBA operates a Park wide security system. The security system includes, 22 CCTV cameras, 2 automatic number plate recognition cameras and security guard patrols.

All systems are operated from the CCTV control centre that is based on the Park. The Control Centre is staffed by qualified and licensed security officers that undertake the CCTV monitoring and security patrol services.

During the mobile security patrols officers are looking at the security of business premises for criminal behaviour and suspicious activity whether this is vehicles or people. The officers are also a visual deterrent to would be criminals.


The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system was installed on Langthwaite in July 2014. The ANPR camera captures images of registration plates of vehicles both entering and exiting the park. This information is then stored in a database which can be interrogated by using any element of time, date or partial plate. Details of vehicles that are involved in crime or acting suspiciously are logged and subsequently provided to the police.

To complement the cameras and security patrols there is also a park wide tannoy system. The tannoy system is used to issue warnings to possible vandals and to deter inappropriate behaviour.


Additional Services Offered by the Langthwaite Business Association
The LBA offers a key holding and alarm response service exclusively for members to purchase at a monthly or yearly cost. One of the key benefits of the service for businesses is that the security services are based on the business park resulting in quicker response times compared to other service providers.


Statistical Information
During the last four years (2011 to 2014) security officers have patrolled Langthwaite and carried out the following crime prevention measures:

  • Attended 405 alarms
  • Closed / locked 235 gates
  • Closed / locked 227 windows / doors
  • Monitored 315 suspicious vehicles / persons


Reported Crime Information, supplied by West Yorkshire Police
During the same period the amount of crime on Langthwaite recorded by West Yorkshire Police confirms that the security systems and officers on Langthwaite have made the Park one of the lowest crime areas in the region.

Crimes on Langthwaite Business Park (2011 to 2014):




West Yorkshire Police have played an active and supporting role in arresting and prosecuting offenders using information supplied by the LBA security systems. Police officers have also conducted 275 patrols around the business park in patrol cars.

PCSO’s regularly visit the CCTV control room to share intelligence, gather information and walk through the park at every opportunity.

Quirky Facts

  • During the last four years our patrol officers have walked 55,000 miles. That is the equivalent of twice around the earth!

  • Security officers when patrolling tag (on average) 1152 security points around the park every week.


Crime Statistics prior to Security Systems and Patrols being introduced.
In 2007 a crime survey was undertaken with the businesses located on Langthwaite. An analysis of the crime survey which was based on 42 returned questionnaires from a possible 60 workplaces on the park revealed that a total of 338 crimes had taken place in a 12 month period. The value of goods stolen from businesses was in excess of £108k. Please see details below:

Crimes Against Property

Approx. value of goods stolen

The PremisesFrequency
Been broken into43
Had windows smashed15
Been vandalised84
Goods stolen91
Approx. value of goods stolen£108, 410


Crimes Against Vehicles

Vehicles at premisesFrequency
Broken into12
Had fuel stolen68


Total number of crimes338
Reported crimes to the police101
% of crimes reported to the police



The LBA make it a priority to ensure that in adverse weather conditions, all public roads on the park are accessible. All main roads on the park are gritted and snow cleared as necessary. Gritting and snow clearance is undertaken by a contractor. This service is triggered when the temperature drops to 1⁰c as predicted by a report from the MET office or equivalent weather reports. Gritting and snow clearance takes place during the evening or night to avoid any disruption to the normal business operations on the park. 


Grit Bins
There are four grit bins located on the park for use by members. The bins are located on the corner of Onward Way and Langthwaite Road, corner of Lidgate Crescent and Lidgate Close, opposite Langthwaite Business Centre and outside compound 53 on Lidgate Crescent.


Since the introduction of the gritting and snow clearing services on the Park in December 2011 the Park has been gritted 146 times but has only required snow clearance once.


Green and Clean
Businesses have made keeping Langthwaite Business Park green and clean a priority as part of the BID. Businesses believe that having a nice environment for employees to travel to work in and to welcome customers and visitors to the park contributes to the prosperity of the businesses on Langthwaite. Throughout the term of the BID attention has been paid to:

  • Pruning trees and cutting back overgrown vegetation to aid security measures
  • Removing items dumped in the park, such as old refrigerators
  • Clearing litter and providing litter bins


Taking Pride in the Park
At the suggestion of business members, the LBA in conjunction with Wakefield Council and South Kirkby and Moorthorpe Town Council held the first Pride in your Park day on the 15th of July 2014.

The purpose of the day was to co-ordinate a litter pick, removal of bulky waste and a general tidy up around business premises so that the collective efforts of volunteers from the companies and councils would have a bigger overall impact on the Park.

Many businesses and their staff participated taking the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and meet their neighbours. The day was a huge success with over 90 bags of litter collected and it was great to see so many of people working together and contributing to making the park a safer, cleaner and greener place.



The Estate Management services on the Park are managed on behalf of the LBA by RCP21 CIC ( ) a not for profit Community Interest Company, who are based in Langthwaite Business Centre. Under the direction of the LBA Board, RCP21 are responsible for the day to day running of the Langthwaite Business Association. Daily operation of the management services includes;

  • The provision of a Business Park Supervisor who can be contacted for all queries regarding the park. The supervisor is based in the Langthwaite Business Centre and can be contacted Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 6:00pm.

  • Ensuring that equipment and security systems are maintained and always in working order.

  • That CCTV monitoring and security patrols are run effectively, efficiently and to contract.

  • Winter gritting and snow clearance takes place when the trigger points are reached or as required.

  • Dealing with member queries, individual business issues and requests, these can range from directing a visitor to a business, sourcing suppliers, tackling red tape, assistance with recruitment, publicity and PR and sourcing business support and finance.


RCP21 also liaise with public bodies i.e. councils, police and other organisations such as utilities that all have an influence and effect on the daily operations of the Park.

 Recent issues have included:


Some roads and footpaths on Langthwaite were experiencing flooding during heavy downpours of rain. Investigations were carried out to see what could be done to help alleviate the problem. In conjunction with Wakefield Council all the water drains on the roads around the park were checked and cleaned. Also a natural drainage section was created at the side of a footpath to allow water to drain away.

Below are some images of the road drains before and after they were recently cleaned. 


The bottom left image below is of one of the blocked drains and what it looked like after it was cleaned.



Additional Benefits Provided by RCP21
Through partnership working with public bodies in a recent European Project called the Wakefield Business support Programme, (WBSP). RCP21 has been able to offer free business advice and support to a number of businesses on the park.

The WBSP came to an end on 30th June 2015 but has resulted in many businesses on the park benefitting from funding support, free exhibition space, creating an online presence, receiving help with recruitment and the first promotional video for the park. Please see below for more details:

Details of WBSP Benefits for Businesses

  • Over £400,000 funding support was offered to Businesses on the Park in the last three years
  • 1 promotional video of the park produced
  • 12 smaller businesses offered free web sites
  • 4 businesses were offered a free exhibition space


Future Developments – Inter-trading Platform for Langthwaite
RCP21 are developing a web platform aimed at businesses located on business and industrial parks. The platform is designed to help businesses inter-trade, share resources, and bulk buy. In partnership with the LBA this platform will be piloted on Langthwaite Business Park. The platform will be accessible by phone, tablet or PC and include links to companies’ websites.