BID Activities Timetable

The process for the renewal of the Langthwaite Business Park BID has already begun. As a BID Levy payer your input in relation to what you would like to see included in the next BID is an integral part of the process. Please get involved and let us know our views for the future.

There are many ways you can influence the future services and projects provided by the BID. You can complete the LBA Survey that has been circulated (or download a Survey from the LBA Survy page), contact us to arrange a one to one meeting or attend the consultation meetings. For more details please see the activity table below.




Letter and background information sent to Levy payers

Wednesday 17th June 2015

Letters delivered either by hand, posted or emailed to businesses.

First Consultation Breakfast Meeting of Bid Levy Payers

Tuesday 14th July 2015

7.30am for an 08:00 am start

 Langthwaite Business Centre

First consultation meeting held on 14th July 2015. Attendees suggested items they felt a future BID could/should include, click here to view.


Complete surveys and one to one meetings with Bid Levy Payers to shape business plan

1st July 2015 – 15th October 2015

The completed survey responses from 50 businesses plus feedback from one to one interviews and consultation meetings have been analysed to share with companies at the October Consultation Meeting/Workshop.  

Second Consultation Meeting/Workshop with BID Levy Payers

Wednesday 28th October 2015

Breakfast Meeting held at Langthwaite Business Centre

Arrive from 7:45 a.m. Starting at 8:30 a.m. 
Contact LBA to confirm attendance

At the second consultation meeting the results of the analysis undertaken on all the interactions and feedback from businesses was delivered to attendees.

The results further clarified what services and projects businesses wish to see maintained or built on in the next BID.

Businesses also took park in a workshop designed to look at how future services and projects could be funded through BID levy monies 

For further details of the analysis undertaken click here to view

Ballot for BID renewal

11th February  to 10th of March 2016


Ballot Result announced by Electoral Reform Society/Wakefield Council

 11th March 2016



For further information please contact Karen or Mohan by calline 01977 652984 or by email at

 Second Consultation Meeting Held 28th October 2015

Please see results of some of the analysis of the surveys, interviews and meetings displayed as graphs below:













What do you want your BID to do for you?

Access – issues and opportunities

  • Parking challenges
  • Gritting in winter
  • Improved signage and maps of the park
  • Speed limits – road safety for pedestrians and car users –people having to walk on road due to parking


Crime and Security – issues and opportunities

  • CCTV and ANPR maintain
  • Night time security patrols – extended? Seasonally adjusted?
  • Close early evening security gap
  • Providing an site CCTV monitoring service and out of hours service for call-outs
  • Enhanced and movement activated lighting


Environment– issues and opportunities

  • Re-cycling centre or collection service for smaller businesses for all materials including scrap metal or controlled area and secure
  • a more environmentally aware park –
  • Green spaces OK and adequate – needs maintenance
  • Pollution control! All businesses taking pride on their impact on the site and neighbours


Marketing Comms and PR Support – issues and opportunities

  • Information – maps, jobs, vacant units
  • Intra-net - resource sharing
  • Recommended suppliers
  • BID – breakfast meetings? Quarterly


Innovative Solutions / Working together – issues and opportunities

  • Power supply
  • Solar power for buildings
  • Iconic aluminium structure
  • broadband speed – poor in certain areas – not all cabinets done
  • Langthwaite academy – training
  • Recruitment support – apprentices scheme